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The Sacrament of Baptism at Our Lady of Grace Church



Baptism for Infants and Young Children

Parents wishing to have a child Baptized at Our Lady of Grace are invited to speak with Father after any Mass to receive a Baptism Package. This package provides detailed information on the preparation process, and can be returned to the office once completed.  Once your forms have been returned, one of our priests will reach out to you to set up an appointment. A date to celebrate Baptism can be discussed at this time.


Baptism for School Aged  Children

If your child was not Baptized and he or she wishes to celebrate the sacrament, please contact the parish office at 905-727-4594.

Baptism for Adults: Becoming Catholic (RCIA)

Adults seeking to learn about and experience our Roman Catholic tradition, and become initiated into the life of the Church, are asked to contact the parish at , or speak to Father after any Mass.

There is only one Baptism

If someone has been Baptized in a Protestant or Orthodox Church, the Catholic Church recognises that baptism if it was undertaken in the normal way.  If a person now wishes to live their life in the Catholic Church they would go through a period of preparation and then make a profession of faith.