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Funerals at Our Lady of Grace Church


There are many ways to mark the passing of a loved one. A funeral Mass is the most traditional way.  Others choose to have a service at the funeral home.  There are also those for good reason who choose to simply have a graveside service.

For those who opt to have a funeral Mass the preferred time is 10:00am.  This will allow those many people who assit with serving and music to get on with their day.


Experinece tells us that these are questions that are frequently asked:

Is it permissible to be cremated?

Absolutely and this can happen anytime after death.  We often have funerals with the cremated remains present.

Is organ donation permissible?

Yes and should be arranged through Service Ontario at anytime.

Is it permissible for a Catholic to donate their body to science?

Yes. This too can be arranged through service Ontario.



The Firms Identified below are not preferred by the parish, rather those that are most often called on by parishioners at the time of a funeral.  It is quite appropriate that you choose whoever you wish to provide the various services at the time of a funeral.


Funeral Homes

Peaceful Transitions, Aurora 905-841-1900  

Thompson Funeral Home, Aurora 905-727-5421

Roadhouse & Rose, Newmarket 905-895-6631

Taylor Funeral Home, Newmarket 905-898-2100


The two closest Catholic Cemeteries are:

St. John's Catholic Cemetery, Newmarket 905-898-4137

Holy Cross, Thornhill 905-889-7467

The closest Public Cemetery is:

Aurora Cemetery 905-727-9321


Mass Intentions:

Masses can also be offered in memory of a deceased loved one. The individual for whom a Mass is offered is posted each week in the bulletin and may be announced at Morning Masses. For more information or to request a Mass for someone you know, please contact the parish office.