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Compassionate Ministries at Our Lady of Grace Church

Our Lady of Gace Parish has around 150 parishioners on our list of shut ins.  The parish supports these men and women in many ways.

Mass is said on a regular basis in the larger facilities.  These Masses are included in the parish bulletin as an invitation to all to come and celebrate Mass with these members of our community.

Many of our shut in receive Communion in their home or the facility in which they live.  We are striving to create an ongoing relationship between those that are shut in and their minister by creating a more permanent connection between them and permitting more regualr sacramental support.

We also have friendly visitors (pastoral visitors) who create relationship with some of these, particularily those that are most isolated or whose family is not close at hand.

We are always looking for friendly visitors and Communion ministers who can make a commitment to one or two particular parishioners who are shut in.  This good work is central to who we are as a Catholic community.

If you are interested in helping out with either ministry, please speak with Sandra Fortini or email


Communion to the Sick and Shut In: Bringing Communion and a friendly visit to the shut in of our community who are in longterm care, retirement or private homes.

Lay Pastoral Visiting: A friendly visitor makes regular scheduled visits to assigned homebound and/or institutionalized parishioners, providing them pastoral visits and possibly of Holy Communion. These individuals will participate in the Lay Pastoral Visitors training program, and/or Chartwell screening.